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Computer Hardware & Networking Course(ADCHN) & DCHN


. Fundamental of Hardware
#Types of Part and Name Them
# Types of Power Supply
# Types of Mother Board
# Types of RAM
# Types of Processor
# What is The Graphic Card
# Booting
#Bios Setting Types of Operating System
#Trouble Shooting
# How to Install the Window
#Use of Control Panel
# How to Install The Drivers
# Uninstalling of Driver
#On Off Problem
# Restart Problem
# How to Installing Software
#Binary Numbers

Introduction. Overview and motivation. Resource sharing: time-division multiplexing, statistical muxing. Protocols and standards.

Layering, OSI reference model, encapsulation. End-to-end argument. Protocol design issues.

Naming and Internet addressing, subnets.


Direct Link Networks, encodings, modulation.

Error detection and correction, CRC, Internet Checksum

MAC protocols, CSMA/CD, Ethernet, Addressing

Bridges, Spanning Tree, Flooding/Multicasting


Switching vs routing. Switching architectures.

ARP, IP. The best effort service model. IP header structure.

IP delivery review, options and encapsulation. ICMP, path MTU discovery and traceroute operation

IP Addressing. Forwarding. LPM forwarding algorithm. IP delivery, layer 3/tag switching.

IP multicast model, multicast forwarding, link-layer support, IGMP

Internet Multicast forwarding and routing. Address allocation/use.

Routing protocols: distance vector vs link-state routing, DV problems

Intra-domain routing (RIP, OSPF)

DUAL, Inter-domain routing, BGP, CIDR, IPv6 intro.


Computer Desktop

Transport introduction. Port numbers, service models, UDP. Intro to reliability

Intro to TCP. Flow control vs. congestion control. Congestion collapse. Window-based and rate-based congestion control.

Congestion control model, packet scheduling and buffer management, FIFO, FQ, RED. Congestion control taxonomy, fairness and effectiveness. Intro to TCP congestion control. Additive-increase/multiplicative decrease. Fairness and Efficiency.

More TCP. Slow start. Fast retransmit. Fast recovery. Connection establishment, TCP, TCP state diagram, client/server.

TCP wrap-up. Remote procedure call, data representation, stub generators. Implementation techniques: events, lookup maps, connection management, queues, interrupts, user/kernel partitioning, API.

Intro to telephone network. Switching & signaling. Cellular Telephone Networks

ATM, Cell Switching, IP/ATM and IP/Sonet, AAL5

Quality of service. Service interfaces. Traffic characterization and admission control.



  • Laptop Assemble and Disassembling

  • Types of Ports in Laptop

  • How to Change the Screen

  • Charging laptop Problems

  • On Off Problem

  • Booting Problem


Laptop & Desktop I.C Section

  • Name of I.C Section Laptop and Desktop

  • Types of I.C

  • identification

  • Types of Componennt and Identification of Components

  • VRM Section

  • Soldering and De-Soldering

  • How to Install IC

  • How to Install Mosfit

  • Types of Capacitor

  • Types of multi Meter

  • Uses of Multi Meter



  • Employability skills are the characteristics that are as important as academic grades required to compete  & get in, perform and proper in the world of work.

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