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Q1. It means being able to communicate in more than one way.

a. Conversation

b. Multimedia

c. Both a and b

d. Data Sharing


Q2. Which device is used to access information stored on compact disc :

a. CD ROM drive

b. CD player

c. Disk reader

d. None of the above


Q3. This part of the Multimedia is the base layer of almost all programs .

a. Text

b. Pictures

c. Animation

d. None of these


4. If you want to recreate the sounds of musical instruments, you need _______

a. A speaker

b. A sound card

c. Sound recording softaware

d. Both a and b


Q5. CD-ROM cana store large amount of information upto :

a. 500 MB

b. 1 GB

c. 650 MB

d. More than 1 GB


Q6. Sound cards are widely used in -

a. Creating quality music

b. Converting signals (recieved by computers) into sound

c. Recording sound

d. All of the above


Q7. These type of disks are not rewritable :

a. Compact disk

b. DVD

c. CD - R

d. CD - ROM


Q8. ______ files are most common type of PC sound file .

a. FLA

b. WAV

c. MP3

d. All of above


Q9. What is the full form of MIDI ?

a. Musical Instrument Digital Interface

b. Music in Digital interaction

c. Musical interface Digital interface

d. None of these


Q10. The tiny dots which form a big grid across monitor screen are called :

a. Colors

b. Resolution

c. Pixels

d. None of these


Q11. Most video monitors and cards used today are capable of producing at least ____ colors.

a. 125

b. 640

c. More than 1000

d. 256


Q12. ______ are viral cruise missiles, programmed to seek out and destroy the intended target files and property.

a. Boot sector infectors (BSI)

b. File Specific Infectors (FSI)

c. Multipurpose Infectors (MPI)

d. None of them


Q13. ___________ monitors display single color on a lighter or darker color background.

a. Monochrome

b. CRT

c. VCR

d. VDU


Q14. The most common video cards we use today are :

a. VGA


c. VCR

d. Both A and B


Q15. It works like film in camera :

a. Video Mode

b. Video Capture card

c. Sound Card

d. Both B and C


Q16. Making a copy of important files so that they can be kept in a safe place, is known as :

a. Backup

b. Disk Fragmentation

c. Copying the files

d. None of these


Q17. This card lets you define upto 25 users and their access to the hard disk or floppy disc.

a. Knox Card

b. VCR Plus

c. Vigilant Plus 2.51

d.  Sharing Card 2.31


Q18. It offers both security and virus protection. This card accompanies utilities check for boot viruses, partition viruses, etc.

a.  My Comp DS-AV/94

b. Protector Plus

c.  PC Cillin

d.  None of the above


Q19.These viruses have the advantage of examine a large majority of the interaction between the user and the computer.

a.  Boot Sector Virus

b.  Command Processor Infectors

c.   Multipurpose Infectors

d.   Both B and C


Q20. Any virus-infected computer will not show one of following symptoms.

a. Garbled data

b. Increased loading time

c. Sluggish operation

d. Increase in speed


Q21. Which of the following can be embedded into a slide?

a. A web page

b. A video clip

c. An audio clip

d. All of the above