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Govt. Regd.

An Autonomous  Institution of Information Technology Education & Skill Development

                    VMACE provide higher  technical education at normal charges for every group of society, Teaching/Notes  Medium English as well as Hindi both so don't miss opportunity. 

Short  Duration Courses  - 45 Days

Tally, Computer Hardware, Networking,  Web Designing,  D.T.P,  Multimedia Animation

Certificate in Medical Lab Technology
Advance Diploma in Medical Lab Technology
Diploma in Child Care & Nutrition
Pharmacy Technician

Special Classes  for  'O' level or ccc courses

Vocational Course

Welder (Gas and Electric)


Diesel Mechanics


Fitter Mechanics


Wire man


Beauty Therapy


Health & Sanitary Inspector

Refrigeration and Air condition

Fire Safety Management

Cutting and Tailoring & Dress Making

Computer Aided Embroidery & Needle Work

Computer Operator and Programming Assistant





Certificate Courses :-                                                          

Certificate in Office Automation (COA)                                 Certificate in Multimedia web Designing with C-panel Management
Certificate in Digital Art
Certificate in Internet Application & E-Commerce
Certificate in Graphics & Web Designing
Certificate in Computer Financial Accounting & Tally
Certificate in Office Automation & Accounting
Advance Certificate in Office Automation with English & Hindi Typing
Certificate in Web Designing
Certificate in Computer Concept
Certificate in Desktop Publishing (DTP)
Certificate in Office Automation and publishing (COAP)
Certificate in PC Assembling & Hardware Maintenance

Special Courses for Kids (KBCC)                              Eligibility : Minimum  4th class




Microsoft Office and Typing courses Like DOAP & DDEO

This is a very basic and simple course. It is basically meant for person who doesn’t know much about using computers. It covers topics like MS Word, MS Excel, Power Point, computerized accounting, desktop publishing etc. Also, it is good to learn typing. This will improve typing speed of a person.

After finishing the above course, a person can comfortably take up  jobs.

Web Designing Like ADCA Web

Web designing is a great opportunity for those who want to work independently. Web designing courses deals with various elements of making and maintaining a site. It consists of learning coding languages like HTML, PHP, JavaScript etc.

Hardware and Networking courses like ADCHN/DCHN

Many Indian students are well aware of these courses. Their advertisement keeps appearing on Newspaper and TV every now and then. As they promise, these courses guarantee jobs (if you complete the course from a reputed institute like VMACE ).


Tally is an accounting software. Tally courses teach you how to use tally efficiently. Tally is trusted by many big companies and the Government to store and transfer financial statements.

Cyber security courses

Many tasks are done online nowadays. Tasks like banking, paying bills, shopping etc are done online. This is convenient for people. But, at the same time, they are facing huge security threats online. Cyber crimes are increasing day by day.

Cyber security courses are all about methods to ensure safety of people and businesses online. After completing this course, you may get hired as a ‘security specialist’ of the computer systems. You may also work independently as an ethical hacker or security auditor. With online fraudsters getting smarter, companies are willing to hire efficient cyber security personnel. The salary is also great when it comes to this job.


DOEACC O level course details

Department of Electronics Accreditation of Computer Courses (DOEACC) is a very good subject which is the main activity program by AICTE( All India Council for Technical Education).

The DOEACC offers four level courses:
1:'O' level a Foundation level,
2:'A' level an Advanced Diploma level,
3:'B' level an MCA level and
4:'C' level an M.Tech level in computer science.

DOEACC 'O' level course details

For the purpose of employment to posts and services under the Central Government, DOEACC starts from O-level as the Foundation Course.

i)The willing student should pass the 10+2 or 10+ITI course.
ii)for entrance test you should have Basic Qualification including the O-level course.

2>>Duration of the course: One Year.