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An ISO 9001:2008/2015 Certified Institution
A Govt. Regd.
An Autonomous Institution of Information Technology Education & Skill Development

  • Admission open for = DOAP, Basic, DDEO, ADCHN, Hardware and networking, HTML & Programming , Multimedia & more..  For more information about courses : Click here!

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   All students will be governed by the rules and regulations prescribed by VMACE .


Registration of Student mandatory, fees once paid, will not be refunded under any circumstances. Refund policy If students achieve  90% marks and above in particular courses 50% of course fee refunded back to student after completion of course. 

  • Every candidate must be given 2 photograph for admission procedures.

  • Candidate has to pay the outstanding / monthly fees installments before 8th of every month.

  • Candidate will not be entered the classroom without completing the admission procedures.

  • Every candidate should come regularly given the batch time. In case he /she is not come regularly, their admission will be cancel the without any intimation.

  • anim   LEAVE

    Holidays/ Sunday

    Prior permission of the Director is mandatory before proceeding Excess leave.

    anim   ATTENDANCE

  • Every student must fulfill the criteria of minimum attendance of 80 per cent in each semester to be able to appear for the examinations. Any short fall in attendance will result in detention of the student, and the student will be solely responsible for this.

  • Attendance is regularly monitored.

  • anim   DRESS CODE

  • Every student is expected to be well dressed at all times within the Institute time.

  • anim  DISCIPLINE

  • Students should be seated in the classroom his/her given  timing.

  • Students are prohibited from indulging in any illegal, immoral or indecent activity.

  • Ragging of any sort is strictly prohibited. Those found indulging in ragging will be prosecuted under the relevant  sections of criminal law.

  • Cigarettes, drugs and alcohol are banned on the Institution.

  • Mobile phones are to be switched off in the computer centre and circulation areas of the building.

  • Strict action will be taken against students found damaging or defacing any institutional property. The costs of such  damages will      be recovered from those found guilty.

  • Strict action will be taken against students found misbehaving with faculty or staff.


  • Undesirable websites will be restricted  .

  • Downloading songs and movies is strictly prohibited.

  • If any student is found tampering with the computer systems, causing any damage to the hardware or the software,  infecting the system or pilfering any equipment, strict  action by computer centre.

  • Internet chatting is strictly prohibited.

  • Talking, eating, drinking, smoking or indulging in any improper behavior inside the computer centre is strictly prohibited.

  • We are giving 100% education in course with practical & theory also.

  • Students are expected to use the computer centre ONLY for educational and professional purposes. Any other activity, including  personal e-mailing, is NOT allowed.