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Admission open for  DOAP Six months/1 Year,DOAAP with Hindi & English Typing duration 1 Year, DCTT ,DCA , GST Accounting,ADCHN,DCHN,DOAP 1 YEAR,PGDCA,Basic Computer,Tally ERP with GST,Diploma in Cyber security & Networking Tools ,Mulitimedia 6 months /1 year course,Diploma in Financial Accounting  duration 6 Monthsl Web designing so many courses in one hub






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 The 7 Layers of the OSI Model  


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 Kids Hindi Magazine Jeevan Jyoti

Science Magazine  Part-II
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The Hard Facts about Hard Drives


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  डी टी पी क्या है? (What is DTP )........ Science Magazine (Introduction, Food Tech) Part-I


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