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Q22.  A natural number 1 is also a (n) :

a. Prime Number

b.  Real number

c.  Integer number

d. None of the above


Q23.  Prime number is  a number:

a.  Divisible by 1

b.  Divisible by 1 and itself

c.  Divisible by 1 and by itself except the number 1:

d. None of the above


Q24. Swapping of two numbers is done by :

a. Directly by interchanging their values with each others

b. Storing the value of one in a temporary variable and shifting the value of the other into the first and then copying the value of temporary to the other.

c. Transfer one number to other number with out storing any number in the temp variable

d. None of the above


Q25. Sorting an arrrray in the ascending order of numbers is the process of :

a. Putting the largest number first and smallest in the last

b. Putting the smallest number first and the largest number in the last

c. Putting the numbers in any way you desire

d. None of the above


Q26. GCD of the two numbers is :

a. The smallest number which is a common factor of the given numbers

b. The largest number which is a common factor of two given numbers

c. 1 is the GCD for all numbers

d. None of the above


Q27. Product of matrices A (m x n) and B (n x p) will be matrix C with row and columns as :

a. m and p

b. n and p

c. p and n

d. None of the above


Q28. The product of all natural numbers from 1 to n is called ?

a. n!

b. n x n

c. nn

d. None of the above


Q29. The declaration "unsigned u" indicates

a. u is an unsigned character

b. u is an unsigned

c. u is a character

d. None of the above


Q30. A declaration "short int" is used for variables:

a. Which have a short duration in a program

b. Which have short names

c. Which may require less storage than normal integers

d. None of the above


Q31. In case of ordinary int variables:

a. The leftmost bit is reserved for sign

b. The rightmost bit is reserved for sign

c. No bit is reserved for sign

d. None of the above


Q32. A type cast is used to ?

a. Define a new datatype

b. Force a value to be of particular variable type

c. Rename an old type

d. None of the above


Q33. Operator precedence determines which operator :

a. Operates on the largest numbers

b. Is used first

c. Is most important

d. None of these


Q34. Consider the following progeram fragment:



int a,b,c;





Which one of the given answers is correct ?

a.  a=4, c=6

b.  a=3, c=8

c.  b=3, c=6

d. a=4, c=8


Q35. What will be the value of count after the following program is executed?



int count, digit = 0;

count = 1;

while (digit <=9) {

printf("%d\n",++count); ++digit;}


a. 10

b. 9

c. 12

d. 11


Q36.  If the following variables are set to the values shown below, then what will be the value of the following expression ?

answer = 2;

marks = 10;

!((answer<5) && (marks>2))

a. 1

b.  0

c.  -1

d.  2


Q37. What should be the value of i and k at the end of the following program segments?

int i,j,k;


j =5;

i = 2*j /2;

k = 2*(j / 2)


The correct values are :

a. i = 5, k = 5

b. i = 4, k = 4

c. i = 5, k = 4

d. i = 4, k = 5


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