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Q1. Default file name of coral draw file.


Q2. Page orientation are......


Q3. Three type of filter available in first box to right of the list.


Q4. These are two basic types of graphics.


Q5. Which menu not available in CorelDraw menu bar.


Q6. Corel draw palette have extension.


Q7. Basic color mode of corel draw is.......


Q8. We can open files with corel draw.


Q9. Page setup can be open form........ menu.


Q10. Shortcut key of import file function.


Q11. Which menu contain cut, copy and paste are always located and as are delete duplicated and search tools.


Q12. You can delete coral draw file from open & save as window.


Q13. CMYK stand for Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and black.


Q14. Coral draw is different from bitmap graphics design package.


Q15. Corel draw is vector based program.


Q16. Vector is a size and direction angle curvature and so on.


Q17. Vector image not contain message like draw a rectangle, this size and at this place on page.


Q18. You can create folder from save as windows.


Q19. You can delete file from the CorelDraww open and save as windows.


Q20. F8 is the full screen preview in corel draw.