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Q1. In word processing, you manipulate ____.

a. Number

b. Text

c. None of these


Q2. You can set Left, Right and ____ alignment in word processing.

a. Center

b. Justify

c. Both


Q3. Can you spell check your text in word processing?

a. Yes

b. No

c. None of these


Q4. Blinking point which shows your position in the text is called:

a. Cursor

b. Blinker

c. Position


Q5. Spacebar is used for:

a. Giving space

b. Deleting space

c. Both


Q6. For creating a document, you use ________command at File menu.

a. New

b. Open

c. Document


Q7. For saving a document, you need to have ____for it.

a. Name

b. Surname

c. Both


Q8. For opening an existing document, you need to give ____command.

a. New

b. Open

c. Close


Q9. You can select the text by:

a. Keyboard

b. Mouse

c. Both


Q10. You click at B to make the text

a. Bold

b. Italics

c. Underline


Q11. You click at I to make the text

a. Bold

b. Italics

c. Underline


Q12. You can change the font of the text from

a. Formatting bar

b. Font Dialog box

c. Box


Q13. Most of the editing tools are available under________menu.

a. File

b. Format

c. Edit


Q14. For opening and closing of the file in Excel you can use which bar.

a. Formatting

b. Standard

c. Title


Q15. What are numbered from A to Z, etc?

a. Row

b. Cells

c. Columns


Q16. You can move around the worksheet using which button?

a. Scroll

b. Logic

c. Start


Q17. For making the text bold in the cell, you use B in which bar.

a. Standard

b. Formatting

c. Title


Q18. For getting the short menu on the screen, you click which button of the mouse.

a. Right button

b. Left button

c. Centre button


Q19. In Excel formula starts with _____.

a. = sign

b. + sign

c. - sign


Q20. In Microsoft Excel you use _______ for calculations.

a. Formula

b. Row

c. Cell


Q21. Sum function needs to have ______before it.

a. +

b. -

c. =


Q22. The combination of the column letter and row number for a cell is an Excel worksheet is called a

a. Cell identification number

b. Cell reference

c. Cell identity


Q23. PowerPoint is used for:

a. Word processing

b. Spreadsheets

c. Presentations


Q24. Overhead projections can be created using PowerPoint:

a. Yes

b. No


Q25. AutoContent Wizard creates a

a. Document

b. Presentation

c. Spreadsheets


Q26. There is no need to use templates in PowerPoint:

a. True

b. False


Q27. You can view your presentation through various views:

a. Yes

b. No


Q28. You can move your text in the slide, up and down:

a. Yes

b. No


Q29. A slide with background picture can be created in PowerPoint:

a. Yes

b. No


Q30. You can even have textured patterns in the background of a slide:

a. Yes

b. No


Q31. PowerPoint software is used for

a. Word processing.

b. Designing presentation.

c. Manipulation of data.

d. Data analysis.


Q32. Slide layout displays

a. Different types of slides.

b. Different design templates.

c. None of the above.

d. Both (A) and (B).


Q33. Outline Pane, Slide Pane and Notes Pane is displayed in

a. Normal view.

b. Slide view.

c. Outline view.

d. Slide sorter view.


Q34. The ......... view shows preview of all slides together

a. Slide sorter.

b. Slide view.

c. Slide show.

d. Normal.


Q35. While recording voice, if the narration is large, it is better to make it

a. A linked object.

b. An embedded object.

c. None.

d. Dosen't really affect.


Q36. If you have chosen a slide background but you want to change the colour scheme, you will find the relevant option under

a. File menu.

b. Slide show menu.

c. Edit menu.

d. Format menu.


Q37. To choose the required placement of text and content on the slide we choose

a. Slide background.

b. Slide layout.

c. Slide colour scheme.

d. None.


Q38. A picture on a slide can be interested from

a. File.

b. Web.

c. Clipart gallery.

d. All of the above.


Q39. A slide can have

a. Text.

b. Picture.

c. Video clipping.

d. Sound.

e. All of the above


Q40. While running a slide show transition of slides can be done.

a. Manually.

b. Using timing.

c. either of both.

d. None.


Q41. The data of the selected cell is displayed on the

a. Formula bar.

b. Tool bar.

c. Menu bar.

d. Task bar.


Q42. EXT mode is used to

a. Choose the extension of the filename.

b. Select a large range of cells.

c. Choose the exterior border of the worksheet.

d. None of the above.


Q43. To select non adjacent cells or cell ranges, we use

a. CTRL key.

b. ALT key.

c. Shift key.

d. ESC key.


Q44. To get 1,3,5...... printed in a column, we use

a. Auto paint.

b. Autofill.

c. EXT.

d. Pattern.


Q45. Fill option is present in

a. File option.

b. Edit option.

c. Format option.

d. Insert option.


Q46. A cell showing a small red triangle on the upper right corner indicates

a. Inserted comment.

b. Inserted object.

c. Hidden cell.

d. Deleted cell.


Q47. Which symbol is used to join text with result of a formula

a. $.

b. =.

c. &.

d. *.


Q48. Copying the formula =Sum(A4:B4) leads to

a. relative referencing.

b. absolute reference.

c. mixed referencing.

d. none.


Q49. Copying the formula =Sum($a$4:$B$4) leads to

a. relative referencing.

b. absolute reference.

c. mixed referencing.

d. none.


Q50. Copying the formula =$C8 leads to

a. relative referencing.

b. absolute reference.

c. mixed referencing.

d. none.


Q51. BPO stands for.

a. Business Processing Organisation.

b. Busy People's Organisation.

c. Business Processing Office.

d. Business Process Outsourching.


Q52. Copying the contents of someone else's work and using it as one's own is called.

a. Plagiarism.

b. Phishing.

c. Hacking.

d. Encryption.


Q53. Encryption is.

a. Stealing of one's data.

b. Destroying one's data.

c. Coding the data.

d. Passing on of one's data.


Q54. You have recently started getting some advertisements whenever you visit your favourite websites. This is due to.

a. Cookies.

b. Phising.

c. Plagarism.

d. Encryption.


Q55. Security and integrity of data can be achieved by.

a. Encryption.

b. Accountability.

c. Controlled Access.

d. All of the Above.


Q56. Violation of Intellectual Property Rights effects.

a. Economic Growth.

b. Monetary Benefits.

c. Compatibility.

d. All of the above.


Q57. You are astonished to find that some about of money has been debited from your credit card without your knowledge. This is called.

a. Cookies.

b. Phishing.

c. Plagiarism.

d. None of these.