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Q1. The standard menu bar contain:


Q2. To show rulers in window, select.


Q3. Surrounding the page is an area of white space called the .........


Q4. Which command divide the page of the publication into different column of equal size.


Q5. In page maker recent file can be opened through..........


Q6. The major software used to produce .pmd file is.........


Q7. ............. is the shortcut key for creating new file in page maker.


Q8. In page maker text wrap is ........ Menu.


Q9. In page maker by default font size is ......... poingt..


Q10. To open the text block first click the.............


Q11. Ellips tool is used to draw.


Q12. In page maker the maximum number of column is.........


Q13. The Acquire command is used to scan an image into your publication.


Q14. Edit story is not used to toggle between the word processing mode and layout mode.


Q15. Vector graphics is used in page maker.


Q16. It is not possible to ratite text in page maker.


Q17. Master page is common to all page coming under it.


Q18. It is possible to insert a picture in PageMaker.


Q20. Short cut key for 'Save As' in page maker is Shit+Ctrl+S.


Q21. The color mode RGB stand for Red, Green, Blue.


Q22. We cannot check spelling in PageMaker.


Q23. Stacking is used to arrange a number of object overlapping in diffrent layer.


Q24. We can add graphics document to a page maker file.


Q25. It is not possible to open Photoshop from PageMaker.


Q26. Gutter command is the gap between column on the page.


Q27. Box tool is used to draw both rectangle and square.