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Q1. Altering an image include doing such things as-.


Q2. When Photoshop draw a line the line is converted into little dots called...........


Q3. Default file name of photo shop file.


Q4. The title bar provide several control buttons they are.


Q5. In photo shop toning tools has states.


Q6. In photo shop, marquee tools allows you to draw.


Q7. Photo shop uses..... to store color information about an image or to store selection.


Q8. Except for bitmap midi image in photo shop an have up to....... channels.


Q9. Fill tool available on........ .


Q10. To add to a selection, simply hold down the ...... key and use selection tools to add to the existing outling.


Q11. In photo shop you can move a selection pixel by pixel by using home key.


Q12. Image cannot be duplicate in photo shop.


Q13. Only two active colors do you have to work with in photo shop.


Q14. We can delete a layer in photo shop.


Q15. It is possible to take a printout from photo shop.


Q16. Ctrl+B is the short cut key for Bold.


Q17. You can open as many canvases as you want at any one time.


Q18. Channels represent RGB combinations.


Q19. JPEG is a movie format..


Q20. It is not possible to rotate text in PageMaker.


Q21. Page maker is a publication on software.

Q22. Shortcut key for cut is Ctrl+C.