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Q1. What is the use of application Software?

a. It assists graphic & multimedia projects

b. It help to run the Computer hardware and computer system

c. It facilitates communication tools

d. Both a & c


Q2. While typing in a paragraph you will

a. Press Enter Key at the end of each line

b. Press Enter only at the end of a paragraph

c. Both a and b can be applied

d. None of the above


Q3. Which of the following is a semiconductor memory?

a. Bubble

b. Static

c. Dynamic

d. Both a & b


Q4. In the last generation computers, the instructions are executed

a. Parallel only

b. Sequential only

c. Both a & b

d. None of these


Q5. Which of the following is a graphical presentation software?

a. MS-Windows

b. MS-Power point

c. MS-Excel

d. MS-Word


Q6. Users can use a ________shortcut such as Ctrl+Esc for operations they perform frequently.

a. Keyboard

b. Scanner

c. Mouse

d. Windows


Q7. Portrait and Landscape are

a. Page Orientation

b. Paper size

c. Page layout

d. All of the above


Q8. The word used to describe the act of correcting Something:

a. Edit

b. Undo

c. Erase

d. None of these


Q9 .The device to which we can only store information but cannot erase are modify it is

a. Hard Disk


c. Floppy Disk

d. None of these


Q10. A worksheets contains _______row

a. 65536

b. 255

c. 65565

d. 256


Q11. Which term describes hardware or software that protect your computer of network from probing or malicious users?

a. Firewall

b. Router

c. Protocol

d. Spy ware


Q12. What is the default number of lines to drop for drop cap?

a. 10

b. 3

c. 15

d. 20


Q13. A worksheets contains ___columns.

a. 65536

b. 255

c. 65565

d. 256


Q14. What determines a table's sort order?

a. Index field

b. Primary key

c. Filed order

d. None of these


Q15. In which view notes pane appears in PowerPoint?

a. Normal view

b. Outline view

c. Both a and b

d. None of these


Q16. Which of the following are the cheapest memory devices in terms of cost/bit?

a. Magnetic disks

b. Magnetic japes

c. Semiconductor memories

d. Compact disk


Q17. On selecting a graphic, eight squared appear around it, these are called

a. Handles

b. Pointer

c. Bars

d. Pivotal


Q18. Why IP protocol is considered as unreliable

a. A packets may be lost

b. Packets may arrive out of order

c. Duplicate packets may be generated

d. All of the above


Q19. The purpose of the Auto sum is

a. Locate and total the rows or columns in a range nearest to the current cell

b. Total any range that you select

c. Add grand totals to a range that you containing other totals

d. All of the above


Q20. Find the odd one our

a. Printer

b. Registers

c. Control unit

d. none of these


Q21. To view any currently running Terminate Stay Residents programs you colud type

a. MEM

b. Memory

c. SYS/M

d. Mapmaker


Q22. Find the odd one our

a. Notro

b. eScgn

c. McAFee

d. None of these


Q23. Which of the following memory has the shortest access time?

a. Cache memory

b. Register

c. Virtual memory

d. All of these


Q24. Which language is not supported by TBIL?

a. Hindi

b. Telugu

c. Chinese

d. Kannada


Q25. To display format cells dialog box you have to press



c. CTRL+2

d. CTRL+1


Q26. A huge collection of internet information posted by public government or private agencies available by specific question is known as a (an)

a. Database

b. Deep web

c. Search engine

d. URL


Q27. Information retrieval is faster from

a. Floppy disk

b. Magnetic Tape

c. Hard disk



Q28. The kernel is the core of an operating system that

a. Manages memory & devices

b. Maintains the computers recourses

c. Starts application

d. All of these


Q29. Which of the following is not an underline option in the format cells dialog box?

a. Double

b. Single accounting

c. Single engineering

d. None of these


Q30. The folder that helps in managing

a. Document

b. Windows explorer

c. Text

d. None of these


Q31. I/O is the communication between an ______and the outside world.

a. Information Processing system

b. Programming

c. Medical system

d. Internet system


Q32. Which of the following can be embedded into a slide?

a. A web page

b. A video clip

c. An audio clip

d. All of the above