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Q1. Section break is word can be only at_____________

a. Next page

b. Continuous

c. Even and odd page

d. All of the above


Q2. What should be the first step while Operating System upgrading?

a. Delete Old Operating System

b. Backup old Operating system

c. Backup critical data

d. None of these


Q3. An excel workbook is a collection of _________________

a. Workbooks

b. Work sheets

c. Worksheets & charts

d. Charts


Q4. A term for vertical page orientation:

a. Alignment

b. Portrait

c. Formatting

d. None of these


Q5. Which of the following is not an operating system?

a. DOS

b. Linux

c. Oracle

d. Windows


Q6. A list of words containing synonyms and antonyms is known as:

a. Thesaurus

b. Dictionary

c. Indentation

d. None of these


Q7. If you want to copy a selection of text, which button do you click?

a. Move

b. Copy

c. Duplicate

d. Cut


Q8. Which Input device cannot be used to work in MS Office?

a. Joystick

b. Light Pen

c. Mouse

d. None of these


Q9. What is the meaning of "Hibernate" in Windows XP/Windows7?

a. Restart the Computer in safe node

b. Restart the computer in hibernate mode

c. Shutdown the computer without closing the running applications

d. None of these


Q10. Webcam is ___________

a. Output Device

b. Input & output device

c. Input device

d. None of these


Q11. Anything that is typed in a worksheet appears?

a. in both the active cell & the formula bar

b. in the active cell only key into the active cell

c. in the formula bar first & when you press Enter cell

d. None of these


Q12. Which of the following is correct?

a. both RAM & ROM are volatile

b. both RAM & ROM are non-volatile

c. RAM is volatile & ROM is non-volatile

d. RAM is non-volatile but ROM is volatile


Q13. Microsoft project is

a. Word processing software

b. Spread sheet software

c. Project planning & scheduling software

d. Presentation software


Q14. Floppy disk is a

a. Optical memory

b. Semiconductor memory

c. Metal oxide Semiconductor

d. None of the above


Q15. A _________ is a bar that displays when the contents of an area may not be completely visible.

a. Drag bar

b. Program bar

c. Scroll bar

d. Navigation bar


Q16. When you create a chart on the same sheet as your data, you can view both the data and the chart at the same time. This type of chart is called a _____________

a. Chart sheet

b. Embedded Chart

c. View sheet

d. View chart


Q17. Which area in an excel windows allows entering values and formulas?

a. Menu bar

b. Title bar

c. Formula bar

d. None of these


Q18. Which is the size of MAC address?

a. 16 bit

b. 48 bit

c. 69 bit

d. None of these


Q19. Which number system is usually followed in type of 32 bit computer??

a. False

b. 16

c. 10

d. All of the above


Q20. I/O is the communication between an _____________ and the outside world?

a. Information Processing System

b. Programming

c. Medical System

d. Internet System


Q21. Who invented Analytic Engine?

a. George Bool

b. Charles Babbage

c. Blaise Pascal

d. Exception


Q22. Which of these is not a type of page margin?

a. Left

b. Right

c. Top

d. Centre


Q23. Which of the following can be inserted into your slide?

a. Table

b. Chart

c. Organization chart

d. All of the above


Q24. What was the name of the very first electronic digital computer?

a. Atanas off berry Computer

b. Von Neumann computer




Q25. Which cable is used to connect your Television set with cable TV Operator?

a. Co-axial cable

b. Fiber optic

c. Radio cables

d. None


Q26. What function display row data is a column data in a row?

a. Transpose

b. Index

c. Rows

d. Hyperlink


Q27. _____has the highest memory to store data?

a. Floppy disk

b. Magnetic disk

c. CD

d. Hard disk


Q28. Which of the following menu in Power Point has background?

a. Slide show

b. Format

c. 69 bit

d. None of these


Q29. Which of the following key board is not supported by Gujarati Indic IME?

a. Gujarati ANSI Character

b. Gujarati Special Character

c. Gujarati Godrej Indica

d. Gujarat keyboard


Q30. Minicomputers are also called________Computer

a. Midrange

b. Laptop

c. Handheld

d. Smart


Q31. Known as father of e-mail:

a. Rey Tomlinson

b. Golistberg

c. Steve jobs

d. None of these


Q32. If you want to provide a sample illustration for your superting materials, you would use an

a. Examples

b. Definition

c. Narration

d. Comparision


Q33. Full form of MODEM is ___________






Q34. From what location are the 1st computer instructions available on boot up?


b. CPU




Q35. Following is not Topology

a. Star Topology

b. City Topology

c. Bus Topology

d. Ring Topology


Q36. ALU is

a. Arithmatic Logic Unit

b. Application Logic Unit

c. Array Logic Unit

d. None of these


Q37. In the event of a change in underlying data in excel

a. Excel automatically redraws the chart to reflect the changes

b. Excel will require you to click the Redraw button to reflect the change.

c. Both a and options are available. However in Simple Chart the change is reflected automatically where as in complex charts, redraw button need to be checked.

d. None of the above is true


Q38. Which is correct statement

a. True

b. False

c. 1 MB=1000 Bytes

d. None of these


Q39. The most important or powerful computer in a typical network

a. Desktop

b. Network client

c. Network Server

d. Network Station


Q40. The fastest printer is

a. Laser

b. Thermal

c. Inkjet

d. Jet


Q41. The 34-pin connection on I/O Card is for

a. Floppy Drive

b. SCSI Drive

c. Zip Drive

d. IDE Drive


Q42. On which toolbar can you find format painter tool?

a. Drawing toolbar

b. Standard toolbar

c. Mail toolbar

d. None of these


Q43. Borders can be applied to

a. Text

b. Cells

c. Paragraph

d. All of the above


Q44. Which type of software provides the public with its Source Code free of charge?

a. Open-Source software

b. Multitasking software


d. System software


Q45. What term describes explanatory text attached to a Cell?

a. Comment

b. Dialog

c. Call out

d. None of these


Q46. To delete an embedded object:

a. Select it and press delete key

b. Press the Shift+delete

c. Double click the object

d. None of these


Q47. If an internet site's link do not work, hte site is most likely not

a. Accurate

b. Timely

c. Objective

d. None of these


Q48. Microsoft word is

a. Application Software

b. An operating system

c. Input device

d. None of these


Q49. Can illiterate person be issued Debit card?

a. No

b. Yes

c. Only in case of joint account

d. Only in case he is head of family


Q50. The printers that produce the output by pressing a print element and an inked ribbon against the face of continous paper is called

a. Impact printer

b. Non-Impact printer

c. Scanning printer

d. None of these