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Q1. Tally 9 can work in _______ environment.

a. Business

b. Stock

c. Network

d. Forex


Q2. VAT stands for _____________

a. Value added time

b. Value added tax

c. Value after tax

d. Value and tax

Q3. Tally audit is a feature of ___

a. Auditing

b. Error finding

c. Track changes

d. All

Q4. Select company option is used for ___________

a. Find company

b. Change company

c. Load company

d. None

Q5. Shortcut key to shut a company.

a. Alt+f4

b. Alt+f1

c. Alt+f6

d. None

Q6. Which is a option of company features menu.

a. Select

b. Open

c. Quit

d. Tax deducted at source

Q7. Which features can not be modified if the features has been used.

a. Multi-currency

b. Multi-locations

c. Both

d. None

Q8. Which features can be modifited if the features has been used.

a. Cost centers

b. Bill wise detals

c. Both

d. None

Q9. Backup option requires ___

a. Source

b. Destination

c. Company

d. All

Q10. Restore option requires ___

a. Source

b. Destination

c. Company

d. All

Q11. Primary Groups of Capital Nature is-

a. Capital Account

b. Current Assets

c. Deposits

d. All

Q12. Which is not a method for calculation of DD.

a. Duty based on itmes

b. Additional Duty

c. On total sales

d. All

Q13. Shortcut key to delete an account.

a. Alt+D

b. Ctrl+d

c. Ctrl+x

d. Alt+x

Q14. Shortcut key to assess getway of tally.

a. Ctrl+g

b. Ctrl+M

c. Ctrl+w

d. None

Q15. Which is not a type of loan.

a. Secured Loan

b. Unsecured Loan

c. Both

d. None

Q16. Example of cost Centers is

a. Departments of an organisation

b. Products of a company.

c. Individuals

d. All

Q17. Which information is required to create a cost centre.

a. Name

b. Alias

c. Under

d. All

Q18. In Invoice mode, Purchases can be allocated to Cost Centres only when _____________

a. Cost Centre classes are used

b. Voucher is used

c. Cost centre template is used

d. None

Q19. If freight bellong to the group Direct Expensed, the amount will be apportioned by

a. Quantity

b. Amount

c. Value

d. None

Q20. Which is a allocation method.

a. No Appropriation

b. Apportioned by quantity

c. Apportioned by value

d. All

Q21. which is not of voucher:

a. Business

b. Contra

c. Payment

d. Receipt

Q22. Shortcut key to voucher alteration is.

a. Ctrl+a

b. Ctrl+b

c. Ctrl+c

d. Alt+c

Q23. Shortcut key for The Euro-4€ currency.

a. Alt+0125

b. Alt+0128

c. Ctrl+Alt+124

d. Alt+148

Q24. Which currency symbol can be created from keyboard.

a. Dollar

b. Rs.

c. Both

d. None

Q25. Which information is not required for Rates of Exchange?

a. Date

b. Selling rate

c. Buying rate

d. None

Q26. Selling rate is your selling rate used for...

a. Receipt voucher entry where you receive foreign exchange.

b. Receipt voucher entry where you sell foreign exchange.

c. Selling rate of currency

d. None

Q27. Buying Rate is your buying rate used in......?

a. Payment vouchers

b. Rate of currency buying

c. Receipt voucher entry where you sell foreign exchange

d. None

Q28. From the Multi Stock Category Creation screen, you can create which Masters.

a. Groups

b. Items

c. Godown

d. All

Q29. Which fields requires for Stock Category Creaion screen.

a. Name

b. Under

c. Units

d. All

Q30. Shortcut to skip details.

a. F8

b. F6

c. F1

d. F5

Q31. Which point to be considered while deciding the reorder levels?.

a. The lead-time for suppliers to deliver the stock.

b. The delivery time specified by the customer

c. The stock-in-hand to satisfied orders in the meantime..

d. All

Q32. Parameter required for Recorder Level.

a. Period

b. Criteria

c. Rounding Method

d. All

Q33. What are the main types of Voucher.

a. Accounting Voucher

b. Inventory Voucher

c. Both

d. None

Q34. Which is not a type of sales voucher.

a. Sales Orders

b. Sales Vouchers/Invoices

c. Delivery notes

d. None

Q35. Which is not a type of Purchase Voucher.

a. Purchase Orders

b. Purchase Vouchers

c. Good receipt Notes

d. None

Q36. Which is a type of Journal Voucher.

a. Credit Notes

b. Debit Notes

c. Journal

d. All

Q37. Contra Entry is a transaction indicating transfer of funds from :

a. A Cash account to Bank account

b. Bank account to Cash account

c. Bank account to Bank account

d. All

Q38. Synchronization is the .........of data between two or more location.

a. replication

b. copy

c. backup

d. all

Q39. Which format is supported by tally for import.

a. XLS

b. XML



Q40. Which format is used by tall to export.

a. Ascii

b. Html

c. XML

d. All

Q41. Which option is not available In print configuration screen.

a. Printer

b. No of copies

c. Languages

d. Style

Q42. Ledger Analysis is similar........

a. Movement analysis

b. transfer analysis

c. Inventory Analysis

d. F5

Q43. Which is a Seller for TCS.

a. Central Government

b. State Government

c. Any Local Authority

d. All

Q44. Which is a buyer for TCS.

a. Public Sector Companies

b. Central Government

c. State Government

d. All

Q45. VAT stands for....

a. Value added time

b. Value added tax

c. Value and time

d. Value and tax

Q46. Features of VAT in Tally is.

a. Printing of Tax invoice

b. VAT computation report

c. Better Vat-returns management

d. All

Q47. The Ledgers that are affected by VAT is:

a. Purchase Ledger

b. Sales Ledger

c. Duties and Taxes Ledger

d. All

Q48. Which is not a pay head type.

a. Earning for Employees

b. Deduction from employees

c. Employees Statutory deductions

d. None

Q49. A Unit in Tally Payroll is similar to the Unit of Measure in ..... module.

a. Tally's Payroll

b. Tally's Inventory

c. Both

d. None

Q50. .Payroll voucher is used to record Employees'.........related transactions.

a. Payroll

b. Loan

c. Advance

d. None

Q51. A single payroll voucher can be used to pass entries for upto.........employees efciently.

a. 100

b. 1000

c. 10

d. None

Q52. which option is a available in Configuration options in: Pay Slip.

a. show vertical payslip

b. show employee detail

c. show passport detail

d. all

Q53. Which is not Statutory Complaince Capabilities in Tally.ERP9.

a. Value Added Tax(VAT)

b. Service Tax

c. Tax Deducted at Source(TDS)

d. None

Q54. Which is a feature of tally erp9.

a. Flexible units of Measure

b. Flexible Invoicing

c. StockQuery

d. All

Q55. Which is a feature of financial management..

a. Fund Flows

b. Receivables Turnover

c. Branch Accounting

d. All

Q56. Shortcut key to close a company.

a. Alt+f1

b. Alt+f5

c. Alt+f7

d. none

Q57. Shortcut key to export.

a. Alt+X

b. Ctrl+T

c. Alt+E

d. Ctrl+E