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    anim  CLASS 11th NCERT Solutions ENGLISH : Hornbill   

Chapter 1 : The Portrait Of A Lady - Khushwant Singh (Click to open..)

                        A Photograph -  Shirley Toulson (Click to open..)

 Chapter 2 : We're Not Afraid To Die..if We Can All Be Together -  Gordon Coo and Alan East (Click to open..)

 Chapter 3 :  Discovering  Tut: the Saga Continues - AR Williams (Click to open..)

                        The Laburnum Top -  Ted Hughes (Click to open..)

Chapter 4 : Landscape of the soul -  Nathalie Trouveroy (Click to open..)

                         The Voice Of The Rain -  Walt Whitman (Click to open..)

Chapter 5 : The Ailing Planet : the Green Movement's Role- Nani Palkhiwala   (Click to open..)

Chapter 6 : The Browning Version -  Terence Rattigan  (Click to open..)

                        Childhood -  Markus Natten  (Click to open..)

Chapter 7 : The Adventure -  Jayant Narliar (Click to open..)

Chapter 8 :  Silk Road - Nick Middleton  (Click to open..)

                         Father to son -  Elizabeth Jennings (Click to open..)


    anim  CLASS 11th NCERT Solution ENGLISH : Snapshot     

Chapter 1 : The Summer of the Beautiful White Horse - William Saroyan (Click to open..)

Chapter 2 : The Address -  Marga Minco (Click to open..)

Chapter 3 : Ranga's Marriage -  Masti Venkatesha Iyengar (Click to open..)

Chapter 4 : Albert Einstein at School -  Patrick Pringle (Click to open..)

Chapter 5 : Mother's Day -  J.B. Priestley    (Click to open..)

Chapter 6 : The Ghat of the only World -  Amitav Ghosh  (Click to open..)

Chapter 7 :  Birth - A.J. Cronin   (Click to open..)

Chapter 8 : The Tale of Melon City -  Vikram Seth (Click to open..)